Design, Development, & Marketing (DDM) - Our DDM approach and philosophy:


In all areas of project or service development, we begin with design. Whether for a product, graphic image, or conceptualization, every project starts with design. A design materializes, as a layout, from an understanding of the client concept. With the layout on the project table, it centers the designer on the canvas that becomes the project blueprint: concise, analyzable, trustworthy, and even beautiful.


With the design blueprint defining and delimiting the project space, development begins. Code, color and content come together as the actual website or application build initiates. When development means turning blueprint specifications into a physical product, that means getting it warehouse-, eCommerce-, or retail shelf-ready.


Finally, marketing gets developed products and services in front of customers and clients. Well-designed and executed marketing strategies reach qualified consumers: people and businesses that need or want specific products and services. That’s when businesses gain and explore leads to turn a profit.

Our team of talented and experienced graphic designers has served the digital industry for more than half a generation, crafting brilliant pieces of art through diverse media. Our top masterpieces include:

Logo Design

Business Card Design

Banner Design

Sticker Design

Flyer & Poster Design

Vehicle Wrap Design

User Interface Design

Brochure Design

Website Design

Trade-show Booth Design


We specialize in high-end development for quality desktop and mobile experience and conversion. Clients repeatedly come to us for the development of professional:

Multi-page Portfolio Websites

eCommerce Websites

Membership Websites

Combination: Portfolio/eCommerce Websites

Mobile Applications

Web Applications

Software Developments

Server and Hosting Infrastructure


A quality product or service warrants the best marketing strategy. Once we’ve developed, crafted, and built to perfection, our team stands ready to take it to the global market. Comprehensive marketing instruments at Expect Huge can include:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaign Management

SMM (Social Media Management and Marketing)

Blogging/Article Writing

Email Campaign Management

Website Speed Optimization

UX Research.

Where it all begins

Why us?

Unmatched dedication and support.

With an unmatched record of being there for our clients, on average, we respond in less than 30 minutes Monday through Friday. It’s like hiring a dedicated staff member for your project, from inception to completion … It might be even better!

Professional, principled and courteous.

We deliver exceptional services and take pride in our proven track record: professionalism, honesty, and understanding. We hold ourselves to work and delivery standards to fulfill client expectations.

When working with Expect Huge, expect no gimmicks or games. We take every project seriously – no matter the size.

Consistency in quality and delivery.

Our company strives for excellence and equilibrium. The CEO of a mega-corporation and the owner of a fledgling start-up get the same Expect Huge service and integrity.

We keep our approach well-defined and in motion by maintaining transparent policies and professional business structure at all times. Daily, Expect Huge delivers high-quality solutions.

Robust presentation and prompt turnarounds.

Dynamic research and service offerings, together with efficient protocols, get your plans into action quickly. Unlike other agencies with static, impersonal design and development protocols and procedures that leave you on hold, Expect Huge won’t leave you waiting around.

To the contrary, we strive to complete deliverables within 24, 48, or 72 hours. We want to be ready for our clients when they’re ready to get back to us. We expect ourselves to be ready and waiting for them. We’ve done our homework; we’re ready to share.

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